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We specialize in the installation and repair of most steep and flat roofing materials. As a certified installer of GAF roofing products we install and service all styles of asphalt roofing shingles in conjunction with synthetic underlayments, ice protection and ventilation products which make up the Weather Stopper Roofing System.

As a certified contractor we are authorized to offer upgraded manufacturer's warranty which covers the entire roofing system (not just the shingles) including labor with longer non-prorated warranty periods.


For those seeking exceptional appeal, higher performance or unique architectural requirements we offer other various materials such as natural cedar, composite shakes and shingles, real or composite slate and clay tile.


Roof Maintenence Service


Inspect roof surface and flashing for damage, Remove accumulated branches or leaves , Seal vent pipe flanges, Seal exposed fasteners.


(Walkable pitch roofs up to 3000 sq ft)

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