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Vast majority of our siding projects includes some kind of architectural or decorative millwork elements. Most common include shutters, gable vents, window trim and crowns, corbels, brackets and dentil moldings. These elements can turn an ordinary plain structure into a true piece of art which will stand out from the crowd.

Most exterior decorative millwork we use is made from one of three material types.

Shutters, gable vents and some window trim and crowns are vinyl products just like typical vinyl siding and are made by Mid-America Siding Components. It does not require painting and it is made to be easily incorporated with various siding materials.

Long sections of trim, molding or flat sheet material is made from AZEK cellular vinyl which is solid vinyl material which can be cut, routed and nailed like wood without the need for painting.

More detailed elements such as brackets, corbels, gable pediments, dentil blocks and moldings are made by Fypon from urethane foam which is injected into a mold and allowed to expand under pressure. These can be attached to various building components and painted to desired color. Because of the synthetic composition of all of the above materials they are resistant to insects and highly durable with little need for maintenance.

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