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No home is complete without properly matched and professionally installed garage doors and automatic door openers. Garage doors are often the most visible and unobstructed section of the house making it the focal point of the structure. Our garage door specialist will show you all the available options and help you pick the right door for your home based on your needs and style preferences. We offer doors made by the most recognized manufacturers like ClopayCHI or Amarr.

Overhead garage doors are available is several different material choices. The most common steel doors have been proven for decades as very durable long lasting material. Corrosion resistant and lighter aluminum is also available. More recent addition are doors made from fiberglass and composite materials which have a more wood like appearance, they are more resistant to dents and offer greater energy efficiency. All glass doors are also available for the modern look as well as the oldest of all materials natural wood which can be stained or painted to match the exterior siding products.

Most garage doors offer several options as to their internal structure and insulating value. The least expensive utility doors are made of a single sheet of steel most suitable for unconditioned buildings such as detached unheated garages or sheds. For most residential applications we recommend doors which have a structure of 2 or 3 layers of materials pancaked together to increase its strength and thermal efficiency.

For total convenience and added safety your garage door can be paired with suitable Liftmaster door opener which can be operated by a remote, outside keypad or your smart phone via WIFI connection. Certain models of openers are now available with independent  battery back up which allows the door to be operated during power outages.

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