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For smaller size columns, porch posts and railings, vinyl or composite may be the material of choice. Vinyl posts and railings like those made by Fairway Vinyl or Phoenix are reinforced with structural aluminum inserts and they offer long lasting maintenance free performance. The railings can have traditional square or round balusters, clear tempered glass inserts for un-obstructed view or modern horizontal steel wire design. They do not require painting and can be easily cleaned with common household detergents and water or by power washing.

Weatherguard Home Services installs various types of columns and railings which could be integrated into a larger siding replacement project or as a stand-alone replacement job. The design of the column or railing, its size and material type is determined by many factors such as overall house design, load bearing requirements and cost. Our sales representative will provide you with several options for your project to assist you in making the right choice.

Wood was the most widely used column and rail material of the past and while still in use it is more often replaced by other man-made products which are more resistant to weather, insects and fire. Some of the products we use most often are PermaCast Columns by HB&G which are made from a proprietary fiber reinforced polymer composite with exceptional weight to strength characteristics or aluminum columns which are light weight and come factory finished.

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